Workshop Programme

September 1st, 2014


13:00-15:00: Session 1 - Situation Awareness and Management for Disaster Management

  • On the Formalization of Expert Knowledge: A Disaster Management Case Study
    Mario Pichler,Diethard Leber
  • Situation awareness and decision support tools for response phase of emergency management: a short survey
    Bogdan Pavkovic,Lazar Berbakov,Milos Milenkovic,Sanja Vranes
  • Generic Approach for Dynamic Disaster Management System Component
    Marina Tropmann-Frick,Thomas Ziebermayr
  • eXsight: An Analytical Framework for Quantifying Financial Loss in the Aftermath of Catastrophic Events
    Matthew Coelho,Andrew Rau-Chaplin


15:00-15:30: Coffee Break


15:30-17:00: Session 2 - Knowledge Discovery and Reasoning

  • Exploiting Process Patterns and Process Instances to Support Adaptability of Dynamic Business Processes
    Andreas Bögl,Christine Natschläger,Michael Karlinger,Michael Schrefl
  • Similarity Search of Human Behavior Processes Using Extended Linked Data Semantic Distance
    Zhang Zuo,Hung-Hsuan Huang,Kyoji Kawagoe
  • Improving Activity Recognition via Satellite Imagery and Commonsense Knowledge
    Nicola Bicocchi,Damiano Fontana,Franco Zambonelli